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Sep 13th 2014

Do you have writer’s block trying to name your business?

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When it comes time to name your business, or even more fun renaming your business to align it better with its purpose, sometimes we get a major case of writers block. We think of a million names that just don't fit or we can't think of any. We create long lists of what we think might be great ideas and cross off one after the other as we become more and more frustrated that we can't come up with the "perfect" name for our company. The video below chronicles one of my favorite musical artists Sarah Bareilles' journey on naming

Apr 10th 2013

Endless Facebook political posts

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How to get marketing right. You can't shove it down our throats anymore, we just have too many options for our attention. It's official the hard sell is dead. Your customers need you to fulfill one of their needs. They need you to give them something they can learn from or use. The middle of nowhere. A recent example of this in my own circle of life is on Facebook. I happen to be a person with a diverse set of friends and they have an even more diverse set of viewpoints. With the latest election and now

Oct 26th 2012

Know your Why?

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We are all very busy working and doing and accomplishing, but when we slow down do we know why? Do we have a grasp on the thing that really propels us forward in our business, our life, our personal growth? Do we know our why? I have tried lots of adventures and business ideas. Some turned out better than others. When I look back at them I notice a pattern. When I know why I am doing something then I begin to understand how to be successful in that thing or simply move on to something else that has a

Oct 8th 2012

Be More Empowering than Controlling

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My thoughts are on breast cancer awareness this month. There are so many amazing women who are trying to win the battle over breast cancer. I think these women have a lot of wisdom to share with us. You can check out some of the women who share their story at the Susan G. Komen For the Cure blog and hear about their journeys. Have you ever faced a challenge in business or life that you really couldn't out maneuver? Though your efforts were valiant and you tried diligently to control the situation with all your skills and talents, you were simply out

Sep 23rd 2012

Business and the Far Side

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  These things are a cinch! One of my favorite comics is The Far Side by Gary Larson. He loved to help us look at everyday things from a fresh perspective. In today's world the difference between good, bad and the best business ideas has a lot to do with scarcity. If you choose to do something that is scarce and everyone wants that service or product you are in luck, crank up the machine and make tons of them. You will make lots of money this way. Being first to market has its advantages, but what happens when

Aug 7th 2012

Be Brave…try something different.

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  Feet in the White Sand Be brave and try something different if the status quo is hampering your bottom line. We offer ideas and ways to look at things from a new perspective. You won't be disappointed when you here us say, "Why not...?" Many times in business we can't see the problem because we are too close to it or we are so involved in the process and that we have no idea what part might be causing the other parts to be out of balance. Let us give you a fresh perspective on your company

Aug 7th 2012

Have any water?

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Got any Water? You need water to survive. We live in the desert and that is always clear with a simple glance out the window. The same goes for businesses. The water to a business is its core values and fundamentals. Without a clear plan of who you are and what you represent you are just another ship adrift in the sea. Let us help you to focus your business on its core values and competencies by streamlining processes and letting you focus on what you are great at and delegating the rest. Doing this lets you become

Aug 7th 2012

Work smarter not harder.

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The Finish Line At 2 Percent Consulting we love to run, bike and swim. This love of sports and endurance translates into our lives and work. We are passionate about pushing ourselves to achieve new goals and helping others to do the same, but being smart about it.  We love to work with businesses and help them learn the best way to reach their goals. We work smarter not harder. Let us walk, run, or sprint with you to the finish line of reaching and exceeding your goals for your business and life.

Aug 6th 2012


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Riding a Bike on a Tight Rope Have you ever needed a fresh approach to something? We help people and businesses transform their thinking and help them to see new ways of doing things that will help them become more efficient and more flexible in their business. Today's business environment is ever-changing and we are always needing to understand how it impacts our core business plan and how to move and mold it to fit the way things are "nowadays." "Nowadays" we are all trying to balance many things from our social media presence to accounting to thinking

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