A Far Side Comic

These things are a cinch!

One of my favorite comics is The Far Side by Gary Larson. He loved to help us look at everyday things from a fresh perspective.

In today’s world the difference between good, bad and the best business ideas has a lot to do with scarcity. If you choose to do something that is scarce and everyone wants that service or product you are in luck, crank up the machine and make tons of them. You will make lots of money this way. Being first to market has its advantages, but what happens when the market catches up with you? When your neighbor figures out how to create even better clay snakes?

You have yourself a real dilemma. Your idea has gone from scarce to more plentiful. If you are to survive you are going to have to differentiate yourself through quality, function, or service. You have to make your customer or client experience a great experience.

So many companies create a product and then spend the next five years trying to make the user experience great after it has gone to market. This is the difference between companies like Apple who are visionary and others who are always trying to catch up to the user. Apple makes products that deliver a great experience by anticipating what the user will need in the future and not what he is using now. Then they focus on making that product experience the very best, often at a higher cost and taking more time. But it pays big dividends in the end.

This is an infographic of Apple’s products since 1976.Apple Infographic

This is a principle we can apply to our own businesses, great or small. Whatever your product or service is, you need to make it yours by anticipating what your customers will need in the future and what type of user experience will keep them coming back to you

In today’s world we all are busy. To get our attention you are going to need to differentiate yourself for your consumer. You need to start by figuring out who your target audience is and what skills, talents, dreams, or visions you have that set you apart that you can incorporate into your business to garner their attention.

Sit down and grab a note pad Notepad or that fancy iPad you play games on and right out 5 things you think are your strengths. Even better you can grab Strengths Finder 2.0 and really dive into what you do best. Now take a look at it. Compare that with your business and what job functions you do.

Strengths Finder 2.0

How do they compare? Are you using your top strengths to help your business blossom? Could you use some of your strengths better to create value for your business?  If so pick one and get a start on working that back into your life and work. 

This is going to translate into knowing who you are and what value you can bring to your business and its customers. You are in essence an expert at those strengths. You are the best one to create the best experience in those areas of strength with those around you. Be the expert in those areas and make sure in those areas you are creating a great experience for your customers and clients.

Now you’re ready to focus on what you do best and who will value it the most. This will help you create a great user experience for your customer, product, or client. This is what everyone calls their “secret sauce” in their business. Now that you have found out what that is, go get to work and make it happen!