Time to focus on your strengths and build a successful business.

We will walk, run, or sprint with you to the finish line. Need help finding your business strengths? Let us help.

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What are your Strengths? Your Business Brand?

Do you know what your best at? Have you taken the time to see how that is affecting your business? We can help you connect the dots from discovering you’re strengths to using them everyday in your business brand.

  • Find out your top five strengths
  • Discover how they are being used or underutilized in your business
  • Learn to run with them to create momentum in your business
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Ready for Business 2.0?

Once you know your strengths and you are implementing them, its time to run with them. As you delegate things that aren’t your business’ focus, be it marketing or administrative, you will allow yourself to get back to the heart of your business and flourish. We are ready to work with you to meet your needs for online and offline business branding and  gift and loyalty solutionsthrough our skills and the valuable skills of our network of partners.


Gift and Loyalty 2.0

Out with the old card punches and ancient systems with no analytics.   It’s time for a gift and loyalty program that is mobile, connected and gives small businesses a way to compete and own their market just like the big guys.
  • It sits seamlessly in their digital wallet in their smartphone
  • Connected with the ability to share across social platforms
  • Measure ROI on any campaign and get real-time analytics
  • All for a price every small business can afford
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Help your Project take flight with The 2 Percent Network.

Have a cutting edge idea? We have a network of vetted professionals we use to leverage any companies strengths and help you focus on what you are best at. Our powerful network can help give wings to your startup or groundbreaking idea. There are some important questions to ask yourself before you jump into your next project.

  • Does the idea revolutionize or disrupt the current field of offerings?
  • Do you have a a working model or prototype?
  • Do you know your target audience and how to reach them?
  • Do you have a trusted team to integrate your idea or project?
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