So why 2 percent?

We are runners by nature. When you run a long distance race you have to finish the whole race. Many Small and Medium sized businesses are in the race of their life. They need help. It takes a lot of determination, skills and ability to run your own business. We want to help. We want to be that extra 2 Percent that wins the race for you and your business. We want to be a part of your team and introduce you to ours and together create a great business.


What we do.

We can create a custom website to create or fix your online presence. We can create the content you need to engage your customers or clients better and convert that to increased profits. We are ready and able to tell your business’ story through multiple media channels from print to social media to the world and lead people to your door. We know how to craft your logo to match who you are and then scale your branding and marketing to reach your intended target audience. That is the 2 Percent difference.


Our Network

We also have taken the time and care to build our network of creative and exceptional entrepreneurs, marketing professionals, and innovative business leaders. We focus on building strong relationships with the businesses we keep in our network.

They are skilled, innovative, creative and above all deliver great results because like you they have a passion for what they do. We give you the opportunity to tap into our network through us. We level the playing field for businesses that may not have a big marketing department. We allow you to focus on your core business again, but give you access to an amazing marketing network set to do whatever it takes to help you succeed. We are your team.


Our consulting process is simple.

We meet and ask questions. Then we listen, plan and carry out that plan to deliver amazing results. We are passionate about your success. We will find what works for you. We are ready to meet you and show you what 2 Percent can do to help your company reach its goals.

Want a straight forward approach to success for your business, company or event? Contact us and we will be the marketing gurus you’ve never had.