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We are eager to help businesses, large and small, adopt a better way to pay.

WingCash allows a person to pay a businesses they deal with in everyday life with real cash from their smart phone or computer. WingCash has the same value and denominations you are used to (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar, five dollars, etc.). And yes I did say penny and nickel. It is also completely cash based and you don’t need a credit or debit card to use it. You never add your card to your profile and you still amazingly enough get to pay a real business like SubZero Ice Cream for your purchase in WingCash form your smart phone. WingCash is completely equivalent with our monetary system. So a dollar in WingCash is always a dollar in real life. It is FDIC insured. You also get to use it free of charge whether you are a business or a person. No fees except if you want to sweep it to a linked bank account for 25 Cents.


Ways to pay in WingCash

WingCash is online cash you can use to pay others through social media channels or to their WingCash account.

Yes, it’s innovation and a new way to do business for small and large companies alike. The great thing is you can send money to other people who don’t bank where you bank. Perfect for families and friends spread across the country or even just the town. You also get the flexibility to send payments to someone’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account. It is instant social cash payments with no strings. Again a game changer. So check out below the two types of accounts and find out why you will never worry about whether you have your wallet again, just get out your smart phone and you have cash.

Need some help or are you interested in knowing more about WingCash and how you can use it in your personal or business life. Contact us and sign up for a time to talk with us or leave your contact details and we will get you setup quickly and show you how to use WingCash.



WingCash for personal use is free and easy to use. You sign up and add your social profiles if you wish and then head over to your online wallet. Here you can add money by clicking add money and it will bring you to the screen that has your Wingcash account unique payee number. Just set that up in your bank’s bill pay and send money to it and it is automatically placed in your WingCash account. No debit or credit cards required or accepted.

Add Money to WingCash Wallet

Add Money to WingCash Wallet

Next once you have some cash in there you can use it two ways. One, you can login on your computer and send some money to a business that takes WingCash, like Costa Vida, by clicking send money and entering the business profile you want to send money to. You then get a unique code given to you and you tell the system how long you want that code to be valid, i.e. two hours, days, etc. Then head over to the business spend the amount you sent over and when you go to checkout at the cash register no card is necessary just type in your four digit code and you pay with WingCash. Easy and simple. If you don’t spend all the money the left over amount goes back into your account.

Picture of a Store

Go use your cash at a participating store.

If you haven’t thought ahead of time then you simply login on your smart phone and send the money to the business while you are checking out and type in the code and again you are done. No card necessary. Beautifully simple. Keep as much cash in your account as you want. It’s just like a wallet only now you carry it in your phone.

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*WingCash has just launched and is rolling out its product initially in five states. If you reside in Utah, New Mexico, South Carolina, Montana or Massachusetts then you can use it for personal use.[/box]




As a business you can accept payments from others in WingCash for free. There are no fees for volume or transactions. It’s just simple, its free. The only fee to find is when you want to sweep it to a bank account then its 25 cents. This is amazing when you think about the ability to not have transaction fees on a secure way to pay.

Secure Safe for WingCash

FDIC Insured and PCI Compliant

Two other things are beautiful about WingCash as well. One, you aren’t waiting for the check or card to clear or running the risk of charge backs. It is cash and is only paid if it is there. The sale is final and can only be refunded by the merchant or business. Second, it is more secure than real cash. It is deposited to your account and kept there safe from losing it or misplacing it or worse safe from theft of the physical type of cash. It keeps the benefits of cash with finality, but has the security of cards without the cumbersome transaction fees.

You also get transparency to see each transaction clearly and know who sent the money and when and get to show off to others all the customers who are visiting your business on your profile page in WingCash. This is the game changer.  You have a clear paper or transaction trail built-in for cash payments. So when your customers want to pay in WingCash they are saying they want to pay in cash and don’t want to worry about whether their card number will be compromised by the way you store it. For small business this alleviates a large burden to store and safeguard data like credit and debit cards. And it gives them the opportunity to expand and grow their business.

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