We offer the best services to our clients and have searched to find the best innovative companies to join our network in providing exceptional services to small businesses within their respective industries. We consult with each client to create a custom solution to meet their long-term goals and we take the time to come up with a plan that includes the best methods to reach your customers and excel at your business.

Take a look at some of the 2 percent Network Partners we work with to leverage your brand and company’s goals.

Wingcash LogoWingCash is an amazing new startup set to disrupt an industry near you. Can you imagine paying for something from your phone in cash with no fees for you or the business you pay? Can you imagine paying or receiving money from a friend without the need for a bank account on either end? Or making micropayments, and when I say micro I mean even a single penny, being made without any fees? Ever wondered when it would happen? Well it has and WingCash is it.

We can help your business to harness the power of WingCash in your business. Whether you are a restaurant or retailer WingCash can change the way you do business and bring in more revenue and customers for less than your current marketing budget is for by a long shot. Contact us today to get your business setup for a free WingCash account and let us share with you the power of online, instant cash payments for your business.

vCitavCita is a great way to engage you website visitors and gather leads for further followup and online meeting or service scheduling. We are excited to show our clients how to integrate this into their website, e-mail and other customer engagement strategies so they can use that to convert those leads to business.

You have worked hard to create an online presence. Make it work for you and your business by tracking and engaging those leads you get from your online channels. Contact us today to learn more about vCita and how to use this great tool in your toolbox.

MailChimp_Logo_NoBackground_DarkMailChimp is a valuable tool to stay connected with your customers. It lets you run e-mail campaigns and newsletters, but it also integrates into so may other applications it is a must have tool to any business with an online presence or email list. Use it to keep track of all your leads and what your clients or customers are responding to.

Contact us today to get your website or email list integrated with MailChimp and see how their powerful and intentional tools can change how often and effectively you interact with your customers.


We have many other great partners we work with us. Contact us today and tell us what your needs are and we will help you find the best in the field to meet your needs.



Are you the best in your field for small and medium sized businesses? Do you deliver exceptional customer service? Are you an innovator wanting to share your new discovery with small and medium sized businesses?

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